Summit Truck Group Technicians Compete in Tech Rodeo

Summit Holdings held their 4th Annual Summit Truck Group Technician Rodeo on Saturday, August 13, 2016, in Springfield, Missouri. Service Technician Ryan Deleon from Summit’s Lowell, Arkansas, location received top honors in the skills competition.

In order to participate in the Tech Rodeo, Summit technicians were required first to complete all 12 required service certifications through Navistar, and then a written qualifying test. Top scorers on the qualifying test from each location were then eligible to participate in the rodeo. Larger Summit locations each sent 2 techs to compete, while smaller locations, as well as Summit Lease & Rental and Summit Bus locations, sent 1 person each.

In all, 43 Summit service technicians competed in this year’s event, representing each of the 27 markets in 8 states within which Summit does business. For his 1st Place finish, Ryan received $5,000; Service Technician Nathan Holden, from Little Rock, Arkansas, achieved 2nd place overall and received $3,500; and 3rd place overall was won by Jonathan Metz, from Russellville, Arkansas, who received a $1,500 prize. In addition, station prizes were awarded for each of the 14 challenge stations, with the 1st place technician at each station receiving $500; 2nd place earned the winning tech $300; and $150 was awarded for 3rd place. In addition to their overall wins, Deleon received 5 station awards, Holden won 2 station awards, and Metz won 4 station awards.

Duke Fancher, Vice President of Service Operations for Summit, said that, “This is the 4th year that Summit has held a Technician Rodeo, and they get better every year. The caliber of the technicians competing is always high, the competition fierce, and the support for this event by employees throughout Summit incredible. Each of the 43 competitors is a winner by just participating in this event, and we were also pleased to see a large number of competitors this year who participated in the Tech Rodeo for the first time, which speaks well to the future of our service departments.”

The rodeo took place in the Springfield Convention Center, and was organized by Jim Hinton and Jim Nichoalds, Summit’s regional service trainers.