Caple Landscape Management

  • “We’re extremely happy with the TerraStar® trucks compared with the cab-overs. They’re bigger, safer, and definitely more durable.”
  • “If I can use one truck to get to the jobsite versus two, I’m going to save fuel, as well as the labor costs of another driver. That’s big for any business.”
  • “They have so much more headroom than our old units. Our guys aren’t scrunched up in the cab. They’re very comfortable.”
  • “With these trucks, we’ve actually gotten more than what we’ve asked for. We’re thrilled.”



Versatile Work Truck Provides Caple Landscape Management A True Commercial-Duty Solution

For too long, Naples, Florida-based Caple Landscape Management got by with cab-over trucks that weren’t quite tough enough for the demands required of them. “Our previous trucks had a lot of plastic parts that fell apart on us really quickly,” says owner Dave Caple. “They had a lot of nagging issues.”

Running a multifaceted operation that serves both residential and commercial customers means Caple asks a lot from his trucks. Along with year-round maintenance work throughout the Sunshine State, his crews often tackle large-scale installation projects— jobs that involve hauling beds full of rock, pallets of mulch, and thousands of pounds of other heavy materials. In the past, Caple would have to reroute one of his larger trucks, or ask a supplier to handle the delivery. But now that he’s upgraded his fl eet to include four rugged International® TerraStar® vehicles, he can load up his maintenance trucks and drive them straight to the job site.

For Caple, the versatility of the commercial-duty TerraStar translates to increased effi ciencies—and bottom-line savings for his business.

“If I can use one truck to get to the jobsite versus two, I’m going to save fuel, as well as the labor costs of another driver,” he says. “We’re extremely happy with those trucks compared with the cab-overs. They’re bigger, safer, and defi nitely more durable.”

In fact, with the TerraStars—which he ordered with ultra-strong, premium composite beds—Caple is fully confi dent pushing the trucks to the brink of their 30,000-pound capacity. “On one job, we loaded a few tons of rock along with the maintenance trailer and a full crew,” he recalls. “The driver said he couldn’t even tell there was that much weight in the bed. There’s no way we would have been able to do that with [our cab-over trucks].”

Says Randy Betten, Caple’s sales rep at Wallace International in Ft. Myers: “They no longer have a pony doing a horse’s job.”

The TerraStars are not only stronger than their predecessors; they’re also much more spacious—with 30% more cab room than the competition. The four-door extended cabs provide plenty of legroom so Caple’s seven-man crews can ride in comfort. And when they get to a job, workers often take their breaks inside the roomy cabs, which they refer to as their “lunchroom on wheels.”

“The guys aren’t scrunched up in there. They’re very comfortable,” says Caple. “These trucks have so much more headroom than our old units.”

The additional space also frees up the driver, which means he can operate the truck safely each time he hits the road. Several other well-thought-out features help boost the safety of the TerraStar. The expansive front windshields (with 28% better front-forward visibility than the leading competitor) are a huge benefi t for drivers that often negotiate tight residential streets, tricky cul-de-sacs, and busy construction zones. And the new 50-degree wheel cut—a recent improvement to the TerraStar—has greatly enhanced the truck’s maneuverability. “The turning radius is like night and day,” Caple says.

The 300-horsepower MaxxForce® 7 engines on Caple’s TerraStars have also brought more effi ciency to his operation. Averaging between 10 and 12 miles per gallon, the engines provide excellent fuel economy. Considering that it costs roughly $20,000 to fi ll up his 22-truck fl eet every month, that fuel savings is a huge bonus. “We’re saving $200-$300 a month. That’s big for any business,” he says.

Caple’s original plan was to buy two TerraStar work trucks and give them a try. That was in April 2011. Within nine months, he had already purchased two more TerraStars. Now, the plan is to swap out his remaining three maintenance cab-overs, and add more Internationals to a fl eet that also features two DuraStar® trucks.

“With these vehicles we’ve actually gotten more than what we’ve asked for,” says Caple, citing the fuel economy and turning radius as even better than he expected. “Wallace International told us they’d stand behind the TerraStar, and they certainly have. We’re thrilled.”

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