ESPAR Hydronic heater facts


Regular Maintenance

Regardless of the season, run the heater every month for minimum 15 minutes. This will help the heater to burn away any combustion residue in the burner chamber and prevent corrosion in the water jacket and decay of O-rings.

Every 1000 operating hours
A. Check all electrical connections from the heater to the batteries. Check for wear and abrasion along the length of the harnesses – repair or replace the harness whenever the harness insulation is broken or damaged. Check the battery connections, clean any corrosion at the terminals. Replace the battery terminals if the corrosion is severe. Check fuse in bunk for corrosion and correct rating.
B. Check all clamps and hoses. Replace as required.
C. Check the condition of intake and exhaust system. Check for holes and breaks in the exhaust piping, repair as necessary.
D. Check fuel pump filter – clean or replace as necessary. Check fuel lines for possible leaks, loose clamps, etc. Once the entire fuel system has been checked and any issues corrected, it is advisable to do a fuel quantity check.
E. Check and clear clogged weep holes on the side of the heater body. Look for any indication of coolant leakages.
F. Connect EDiTH  and run a functional test.