J Hawk Water Service

  • “All the drivers love the trucks. The roominess, the seats—everything’s there at your fingertips. I’ve been very pleased with the product. I really have.”
  • “I like the looks of the WorkStar®. Our International dealership took me to a truck show, and I told my mechanic, ‘that will be the next truck I buy.’ ”
  • “Our trucks never shut off. From the time the driver starts in the morning until the time he’s done at night, they’re running. We do get decent fuel economy for what we’re doing, a little better than the Macks’.”
  • “International just kind of bends over backwards for you. If I have a problem at any time, I just call, and somebody handles it fairly quickly. There’s no communication breakdown. If you have a problem, they point you in the right direction and get you fixed up.”

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A Small Business Solution


When Jim Hawkins started his own water transportation and construction company eight years ago, he didn’t expect the amount of business he’s attracted.

“I have 11 drivers,” Hawkins says. “I only wanted five initially, but I’ve been fortunate, and I’ve gotten more and more business by word of mouth.” Hawkins’ company, J Hawk Water Service, works with the oil industry, hauling brine production water and fresh water from producing wells, as well as doing repairs and installation of surface equipment.

Though he was a Mack man when he first bought trucks for his company, Hawkins recently ran into some problems and started considering other options. “We were really having issues with the diesel exhaust fluid in the Macks,” Hawkins explains. “Our mechanic is very loyal to International, so I said, ‘You know what, we’re going to try International.’ ”

All it took was a test vehicle to convince Hawkins to begin to switch his fleet over to International. “I tested one out, and it worked well for us,” he says. Hawkins is now the proud owner of four International WorkStars® and one PayStar®, all with MaxxForce® 13 engines. “I’ll be putting another WorkStar on the road in December,” he adds.

In Hawkins’ case, this decision for his business was one that has paid dividends. “I’ve been very pleased with the product,” he says. “We have not had any issues.”

As a small business owner, Hawkins keeps a close watch on fuel economy and uptime, wanting to make sure he’s getting maximum efficiency from each truck in his fleet. “Our trucks, they never shut off,” says Hawkins. “From the time the driver starts in the morning until the time he’s done at night, they’re running.”

Since switching to International, Hawkins has noticed that the fuel economy has been better than the Macks’, but especially that “the regeneration application is far better than the Macks’.” The effectiveness ofthe MaxxForce 13’s regeneration process means that J Hawk’s trucks have a lower risk of engine problems down the line.

In hauling ability, the Internationals have stood up well to J Hawk’s applications. Hawkins notes the lock-in drives as particularly helpful. “You can lock in all your drives, which makes it easier to get in and out of locations without having to get a dozer,” he explains. With the flip of a switch, Hawkins’ drivers can easily lock the front-axle driveshaft for heavy hauling in and out of construction areas. In those situations, Hawkins has been very pleased with the performance of his WorkStars. “They seem to drive a lot better than the Macks,” he says.

The ease of operating the WorkStars and PayStar is partially owed to the assistance of their dealer, Canton Truck Sales. “Anything that I’ve asked for from the dealer about an application we want to use, they’ll do,” Hawkins says. “All the toggle switches they’ve put in for us make it easier to drive.” The Diamond Logic features that come standard on all International trucks allow Canton Truck Sales to readily customize switches for Hawkins and his crew. At construction sites that often require truck drivers to maneuver in tight spaces, these additional specs help keep the drivers calm behind the wheel. “All the drivers love the trucks,” Hawkins says. “The roominess, the seats. Everything’s there at your fingertips.”

To keep his 11-man crew on the road, Hawkins needs to have confidence in his service provider, and Canton Truck Sales always delivers. “If I have a problem at any time, I just call, and they point me in the right direction,” he says. “Service has been great. I actually have Macks down around Marietta that I send to the International dealer down there for service. They’ve really treated me well. I’m really pleased.”

As Hawkins’ company continues to grow and thrive, it’s clear that International will be behind him all the way. “International just kind of bends over backwards for you,” he says. With support like that, Hawkins has clear confidence in his new OEM of choice.

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