Lowell lends a hand at the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers, AR

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On Thursday, April 14th, the Lowell gang went to the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers to help bag Snak Pacs for Kids.  The Samaritan Community Center bags approx. 8500 bags of snacks for children at risk for hunger on the weekends.  In a year’s time they will have distributed over 291,000 snack packs serving 4 counties and 129 schools over northwest Arkansas. 

Before 2015, there was an average of 6200 snack packs delivered in a weeks time.  In 2015 that number grew to 8500 and they are expecting by the end of 2016, the number of deliveries will be well over 9000. 

Our group signed up for this thinking it would be a good way to support our community.  That is what we did, but it also taught us how much we take little things for granted, like going to the fridge and grabbing a soda, or going out to eat every night for dinner, when there young kindergarteners, to middle school and even high school kids, that have to depend on a snack pack in order to have food for their weekend at home. It was a real eye opening experience, and we will be going back again in May to help fill more bags.

Thank you to all who participated today. We stacked three and a half pallets which totaled about 1450 snack packs.