Shane Jorgenson Accepts CFO Position

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June 7, 2017 – Summit Holdings is pleased to announce that Shane Jorgenson has joined Summit as Chief Financial Officer, with overall responsibility for all accounting and finance activities. Shane brings ten years of experience as CFO, serving both private and public companies, optimizing the accounting and finance functions to drive efficiencies, revenue, and growth.

Most recently Shane served as CFO for US Memory Care and, before that, he was with HASCO Medical a 21 location specialty vehicle dealership group. At HASCO, Shane implemented new processes and established effective accounting and finance processes to support the company’s growth strategy and increased the stock value of the company, which eventually led to a merger with their largest competitor.

Prior experience includes CFO for a technology company and experience in real estate development for large national franchise companies.  Shane holds a Bachelor of business degree from the University of Tulsa and he serves on several local non-profit boards.

Chief Executive Officer Justin Fink, said, “I am confident that Shane understands the challenges of our industry, and he believes in the strategy and objectives we have at Summit. His hands-on management approach and personal style that considers both business and employee needs and his belief that it will take all of us, working together, to ensure a successful Summit is a good fit for our team and objectives.” Fink added, “With Shane’s experience and enthusiasm for Summit, I am looking forward to having him on our team.”