CE Series School Bus

CE 3

The flagship IC Bus is built on a solid foundation of value and safety. The IC Bus CE Series continues to pave the way as the most popular passenger school bus on the road.

Every CE Series comes with 16-gauge steel side sheets and 18,500-lb rear steel-spring suspension. Why? Safety and comfort. Passengers as well as drivers will notice a smoother ride thanks to hydraulic brakes that provide easier stops and instant traction control. Additionally, our convenient three-piece hood and best-in-class defroster add to driver satisfaction.

Best-in-class just gets better and better.

Built Better to Last Longer

Our goal was to build a school bus that would not only provide the utmost protection for students, but get high marks from the people who buy, use and maintain it. So we started with an IC Bus™ integrated chassis and built an all-steel cage body onto it. We added 16-gauge steel side sheets and 18,500-lb. rear steel-spring suspension.

A school bus’s primary goal is safeguarding children at every stop. So we placed lighted controls for the entrance door, warning lights and other high-use items on the steering wheel.

We increased the height and width of the entrance door to keep students more visible. And to make sure the bus is completely empty at the end of the day, we made our Leave No Student Behind® safety system standard equipment. It’s a combination of safety features the competition simply can’t match. For mechanics, we made maintenance easy with a lightweight, Easy Tilt hood, coordinated service intervals, and a self-diagnosing Diamond Logic electrical system. As with all our buses, IC Bus has you covered throughout the entire ownership experience with our complete bus diagnostic checkup computer system, an expansive parts distribution system and an unmatched dealer network for 24/7 support.

CE 1

Interior Features

  • Controls for the power door, warning lights and other high-use items are placed on the steering wheel for greater driver convenience.
  • An exclusive “one-button” stop feature improves ergonomics by significantly reducing the number of driver tasks and movements required for loading and unloading children.  It enables the driver to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the passengers.
  • All switches are located within easy reach with no or minimal lean, allowing the driver to maintain an eyes-front view.
  • The standard power door — already the widest entry door in the industry — was made both wider and taller for easier, more visible entry and egress.
  • Optimum seat position and placement of pedals, switches and controls yield that "just-right" feel drivers appreciate.
  • Patented dynalastic engine mounts, a soft-ride suspension package and generous sound-absorbing material deliver a quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Standard variable-rate rear springs and heavy-duty front shock absorbers isolate passenger and driver from harsh roads. Rear air suspension available.
  • The Leave No Student Behind™ system ensures the bus is completely empty at the end of the day.
  • The electrical system allows an exterior lamp "pre-trip" to be performed quickly and easily by one person.
  • With full-power hydraulic brakes and the parking brake interlock feature, the key must be in "on" position and the service brake applied to release the parking brake.
  • With the electric door interlock feature, the entry door will not open if the vehicle is in motion.