The new standard in terminal tractors.

Redesigned with you in mind.
We listened. And delivered "the" better terminal tractor.

  • Technology driven, tested, human-centric design. Think about it. A purpose-built tool with the right mix of human engineering and technologically sound design is always the better choice. That’s the T2. We consulted with terminal tractor experts (our customers and industry leaders), applied advanced design processes, tested it, built in superior ergonomics, tested it again and, now, the revolution in terminal tractors begins.
  • Serviceability and ease of repair. Productivity is made up of more than performance and ergonomics. Serviceability and maintenance have to be parts of the equation, too. The T2 has been redesigned to accommodate both—it’s not only friendly from the driver’s seat, it makes routine service easy and fast, most of it from ground level. And, overall, repairs have become easier, as well. Put it this way…your operators and technicians will be happier and more productive.
  • Less “fat,” more efficient muscle. As part of the redesign, our engineers evaluated every aspect of the human/machine interaction and found ways to trim the unproductive “fat” and make the T2 more efficient. There has to be a balance of power, functionality and performance to complement the ergonomics and serviceability. Chassis, powertrain, hydraulics, electrical, HVAC…all T2 systems come together to make it the new standard in terminal tractors.
  • It all adds up to more productivity and a better bottom line. We created the T2 with clear focus on the end result—a terminal tractor redesigned and built to the needs of our customers. A more efficient, easier to operate and service, rock-solid, purpose built truck with a more productive operator environment. A “tool” that meets your business demands, delivers on a promise and makes sense for your profits.

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