The Artistry and Profitability of Aerodynamics

The sweep of time has always brought unimagined advances. As true in trucking as it is in life. A bold new concept of aero conventionals, the Kenworth T660 combines the artistry- and practical benefits- of optimized aerodynamics with unprecedented luxury, intelligent technology, time-tested methods and unmatched value.

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One look at the smoothly sculpted exterior of the T660, and you already know this is a truck that can push the limits of fuel economy. In fact, the hood, fenders, headlamps, windshield, bumper and fairings all merge in such a clean and precise shape that the T660 produces an exceptionally low aerodynamic drag.Managing the flow of air under the hood is almost as important. And this is another area where the T660 departs dramatically from conventional thinking. The air that passes through the grille is directed specifi cally to the engine cooling package, maximizing its effectiveness. Air routed through hood inlets flows directly to the air cleaner and climate control system, enhancing performance while reducing turbulence.