The Perfect Road Warrior

Advanced technology and street-smart design – sloped hood, fuel-efficient drive train, aerodynamic options, unconventional maneuverability and high-style livability –make a T800 the perfect do-anything road warrior. Available in 122.5 or 115.5-inch BBC, this responsive, smooth-riding conventional comes almost any way you want it. Spec it lean for payload-hungry applications – selecting from a multitude of weight-saving options. Dress it down in a no-frills day cab configuration for regional delivery. Or order it as a decked out thoroughbred with factory-installed, signature-setting Kenworth exclusives such as polished battery boxes, tool boxes and fuel tanks. Stainless cowl-mounted air cleaners. Dual polished vertical exhaust stacks. Lighted trim panels. Roof-mounted lamps and horns. You name it. Inside, the T800 is pure Kenworth – ergonomically designed and filled with more driver-pleasing space, convenience features and luxury detail than you’ve ever imagined in a truck this productive. And check out the latest in Kenworth sleepers, sized to suit your job and lifestyle. Choose any Kenworth AeroCab model including our highly-prized Studio Sleeper.

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It’s easy to understand why so many professionals would rather go to work in a Kenworth than any other truck on the road. From floor mat to headliner, the T800 has been ergonomically fashioned for comfort, productivity and precise control. • The latest T800 cab features plenty of leg room – belly, knee and elbow room, too. Plus it’s quieter than its predecessor – by about 20 percent. The state-of-the-art dash utilizes multiplexed electronic instrumentation and large, easy-to-reach switches and controls. The back-lit glare-free gauges with quick-to-read graphics. And the center console with two 12-volt outlets and a perfect place to store your cell phone, cups and soft drinks. Then there are all the subtle things you can’t see – you simply have to experience them. Like Kenworth’s high performance heater/air conditioner with the motor thoughtfully mounted on the firewall to minimize cab noise. The flatter toe board angle and suspended throttle and clutch pedals that reduce leg strain. And the perfect fit and finish of Kenworth craftsmanship.


Maybe you need a truck with some serious backbone. Dump truck. Mixer. Lowboy. Logger. T800. Kenworth knows how to build trucks that can shoulder maximum payload with minimum tare weight and move that burden with sure-footed confidence over steep, uneven and slippery job sites. That’s why your T800 starts as a clean sheet of paper, its wheelbase custom tailored to your specifications. Your design choices encompass the latest technologies and a spectrum of proven heavy-duty components for GCWs to 330,000 pounds. The highest horsepower engines. Radiators sized from 1,440 to 1,780 square inches. Front axles up to 22,000 pounds. Twin steer front axles to 37,500 pounds. Front drive axles. Pusher axles and tags. Single, tandem and tridem drives. Every transmission option including auxiliaries. Rear and front engine PTOs. Dual power steering. Center front tow hitch. And a wide range of steel frame selections – with up to two inserts. All these options can be factory installed for a quality finished product that will move your business ahead the minute you put it to work.

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