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Idealease is your single source for fully integrated transportation solutions.

Your business depends on your products getting to their destinations efficiently. How confident are you in the performance of your fleet?

Can you respond quickly to maintenance needs? Could your capital investment and resource allocation be providing better return? When it comes to questions about fleet management, Idealease has the answers. We are a fully integrated transportation solutions provider, offering full service leasing, rental and maintenance solutions for any size organization, anywhere in North America.

Summit Idealease Offers

Idealease DuraStar

  • Customized Full-Service Leases
  • A Large Fleet of Rental Trucks
  • Factory Trained Service Technicians
  • Dedicated Maintenance Programs
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance Service
  • Idealease Safety and Compliance
  • Fuel Tax Reporting and Licensing
  • Mobile Service
  • Maintenance Facility Takeover
  • Dedicated Contract Logistics

Idealease Values

Idealease is guided by a set of core values expected of each and every employee in the company.

Expertise: We insist that our employees be the most knowledgeable and technically skilled experts in the transportation industry. Our pursuit of industry Expertise allows us to consult and advise our customers in a manner that increases their efficiency and profitability.

Stability: We provide our customers Stability through our community-entrenched service locations and tenured employees. We place great importance on conducting ourselves with integrity and high character in order to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty.

Responsiveness: We deliver a level of Responsiveness unparalleled in our industry. We understand that our customers’ success is dependent upon our ability to provide fast and efficient responses to their inquiries, requests, and operational needs. Our dedication to living up to these three core values allows our customers to focus on what is truly important to them: providing a high level of service to their own customers.