Dominant Performers

Mack has earned their stellar reputation by building dependable trucks that time and again simply deliver. And the Mack® TerraPro™ is another in a long line of superior trucks we’ve engineered for the refuse industry. No matter what model you prefer — Cabover or Low Entry — these trucks devour the workday with ease. They are ruggedly built and highly reliable to eliminate downtime while delivering maximum comfort and functionality to keep drivers happy and productive.

Mack Terrapro 2


The TerraPro Series outperforms the competition because these trucks are loaded with a multitude of Mack Advantages. Just a few of these benefits that underscore what it means to be BUILT LIKE A MACK TRUCK® include:

  • The largest cab door openings in the industry.
  • The industry-leading Mack work brake that safely speedsup curbside pickups.
  • A low-profile dash that provides exceptional visibility.
  • A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that is specifically designed for therefuse industry.
  • The power and fuel efficiency of the Mack MP™ Engine Series.


The TerraPro Cabover has a rugged and tenacious exterior built to handle tough jobs, and it features an advantage only offered by Mack® that allows you to keep working while your Diesel Particulate Filter is cleaned. Our ClearTech™ SCR System solution creates much less soot than an EGR only system. And our unique approach automatically initiates thermal regeneration while you work, cleaning the soot that does collect in the DPF. This saves time and money, improving your efficiency. And that’s just one of many ways the refuse and construction industry’s best-selling cabover improves driver productivity.

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