Is There A Medium-Duty Sized Hole in your Fleet?


Have a Medium-Duty-Sized Hole in Your Truck Fleet?

Unexpected issues can put a major strain on your commercial truck fleet.

Is your inventory running low since business has increased? That is an great issue to have! Are more sitting in the shop longer? That's just an issue.

Whatever the explanation, you should be the answer for your clients and Idealease has you covered with more than 10,000 accessible vehicles. Medium-obligation trucks are the absolute most flexible vehicles to tackle any project or job. Dry van, straight truck, or flatbed, class 4/5 trucks can step in and take care of business.

When you need a short or long haul rental to fill in any hole in your fleet, contact Idealease and we can help you get the job done with the all-new International® CV™.

International retired the medium-duty TerraStar™ a couple of years back, and they knew there was still a need and interest for a medium-duty truck choice from an organization that knows commercial-grade trucks inside and out. They took the opportunity to reexamine features and performance from start to finish, so they buckled down and started from scratch.

The outcome? The completely new CV. The CV was deliberately intended to address the key issues that are critical to any fleet: flexibility and unwavering quality. Global's objective was to offer the most tough, adjustable, and up-fit-skilled commercial grade truck available.

They began with a solitary high-quality, low-combination steel outline rail that considers simple up-fitting and flexibility. Add to that an unshakable, gear-driven exchange case that is matched with the unwavering quality and quality of a 6-speed Allison® transmission, and 350hp, 700 ft. lb. of torque from the 6.6-liter motor, and your clients have another most loved workhorse.

At that point, International set its commercial grade skill to reconsidering the manner in which drivers communicate and utilize the vehicle by making the inside practical, safe, and comfortable. The CV's interior highlights strong, high-wear material seats, and controls and switches that can even be utilized while wearing gloves.

Comfort and usability aren't confined to the inside of the truck. The CV offers industrial facility introduced air suspension for a smooth ride and stature flexibility, a forward-tilting hood for simple access to the motor and routine help focuses, and an entire 50-degree wheel cut on 4x2 models permits prevalent mobility. It's all in the details.

By and large, the International CV is a commercial grade workhorse of a truck created by commercial grade specialists to address any issue your clients can conjure up. So when you need to fill that medium-sized hole in your rental fleet, call the rental specialists at Summit Idealease and we will get you set up with the perfect truck for your business, for as long as you need it.

If you have any questions, reach out to one of our Summit Idealease locations today!

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