Summit Truck Group Hires New Sales Director

Charlie Jordan

Summit Truck Group is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Charlie Jordan to Area Sales Director, New Trucks. Each Area Sales Director (ASD) oversees all truck sales for 2-4 dealership locations in a specific geographical area. Charlie will oversee vehicle sales in Summit’s Area 5, which encompasses the Memphis TN and Tupelo MS areas.

Charlie has a number of years is sales, including with another commercial truck dealership and a tire shop. He said that his success at those companies ultimately led him to Summit Truck Group in October 2017, when he was hired as a new truck sales representative. Building a team to drive sales has always been a goal of Charlie’s, as sales and working with customers are his passion.

Summit’s Area Sales Directors work in conjunction with Area Operations Directors (AODs), who serve in a similar capacity, overseeing parts, service, and body shop operations for 2-4 dealerships in a geographical area.