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The Volvo VNL is a best-selling truck for all the right reasons: Aerodynamics and an integrated drivetrain that maximize fuel efficiency. Driver enhancement features that allow them to be their best. Collision avoidance equipment that makes them safer on the road. And reliability coupled with our support network to maximize uptime all of the time.

Thanks to a spacious cab and mid-height roof, the VNL Series trucks have plenty of room for both stand-up and sit-down comfort. The handling and maneuverability make it a dream to drive, whether you’re on the open highway or watching for curbs. And it’s loaded with driver-friendly features and innovations, including an overall operating
cost that’s consistently low.

Volvo Vnl Series 2


Information is critical to driving efficiently. The VNL units have a large driver display to continuously communicate fuel use information. Our unique Performance Bonus Guide is designed to encourage drivers to operate the truck for optimum efficiency. It provides immediate feedback, indicating when to change gears or adjust throttle for maximum efficiency. There’s also a Sweet Spot Indicator using dollar sign icons to highlight peak performance. When the driver sees multiple dollar signs, he knows he’s driving efficiently. Run in the Sweet Spot consistently and he’ll receive incentives that may include increased road speed. Additionally, Volvo offers Gear Down Vehicle Speed to promote increased fuel efficiency by encouraging the driver to operate in top gear, where fuel consumption is lower.


Pick your power with the Volvo D13 or D16 engines. You can choose horsepower from 375 to 550 and torque ratings from 1,450 to 1,850 lb-ft. Using your Volvo truck for a new application? Horsepower ratings can be changed within the same displacement through a simple software upgrade. Volvo engines use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to eliminate NOx and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to remove soot, all while improving fuel efficiency and engine performance. Our engines excel at passive regeneration, saving you even more fuel over time. The Volvo I-Shift transmission is innovation at its finest. Mated to a Volvo engine, this 12-speed automated manual transmission has a 2,323 lb-ft torque rating, the highest available, while still offering outstanding fuel efficiency. Features like Eco-Torque in the Volvo engine allows the vehicle to get to the top gear faster and provide the ability to skip shift more often. With Eco-Torque, the truck accelerates normally through all bottom gears. In the top two gears, where most of the fuel is consumed, the engine defaults to the lower torque curve. The higher torque curve is always available on demand, but only under certain conditions, which eliminates the need to downshift. I-Shift also has an Eco-Roll feature that returns the engine to idle when travelling down slight hills. Eco-Roll and integrated electronic controls add to a driver’s ability to improve overall fleet economy.

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