Heavy Haul’s Heavy Hitter

The Volvo VNX is built specifically for the needs of heavy-haul trucking operations. Available with up to 605 hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque, the VNX provides the power and performance demanded for heavy-haul applications such as logging, machinery transport, and long combination vehicles.


With the VNX, Volvo builds the toughest possible truck from the strongest components making sure it’s efficient, reliable and easy to service. Volvo is dedicated to delivering an integrated transportation solution by improving driver productivity, offering engineering innovations for class-leading safety and dependability and support for maximum uptime.

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Volvo Trucks are legendary for productivity. From the smooth ride to the easy handling, to ease of operation, and being comfortable to drive and live in, we build our trucks with the driver’s needs in mind. The Volvo I-Shift comes standard in the VNX. It’s an automated manual transmission, which means you’re always in the right gear no matter the payload or terrain. This convenience helps reduce driver fatigue for optimal driver productivity. The VNX utilizes Volvo’s full-size daycab equipped with Volvo’s ergonomic dash, ample storage room and contemporary styling and trim levels, ranging from vinyl for rugged applications to premium leather for ultimate driver comfort. It all comes together to make the driver’s job even easier, allowing them to be more productive every mile on the road.


The VNX is a heavy-haul tractor featuring a full-size cab and a Volvo D16 engine with up to 600hp and 2050 lb-ft of torque. An increased ride height accommodates more articulation, better ground clearance and an improved front ramp angle. A signature feature of the VNX is its distinct metallic, honeycomb-patterned grille and bright finish steel bumper with center tow pin. Combined with a 20,000 lb front axle and rear axles ranging from 46,000 to 52,000, the VNX is ideal for long combination vehicles, heavy equipment hauling, aggregate, low-boy, logging, oil field and mining applications.

Customized to meet the demanding requirements for heavy-haul applications, the VNX is built to suit your

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